The Best Blocks For Sensory + Imaginative Play. Children can take their love of building to the next level.

Guidecraft Sensory Stacking Blocks

Guidecraft Sensory Stacking Blocks

These Sensory Stacking Blocks set encourages tactile and sensory exploration. The 12 chunky rubberwood building blocks come in a variety of shapes with various inset textures invite your child to build houses and buildings and by connecting the blocks with simple joints.

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Guidecraft Sorting Vehicles

Beautiful, colorful, wooden Sorting Vehicles are the perfect way to teach color and shape-matching while stimulating fine motor and sensory skills. These vehicle-shaped blocks have inset sensory blocks, displaying sand, water and beads through framed acrylic windows. The colorful, wooden vehicles feature a nylon grip to create friction, keeping the blocks steady during play and building muscles in little hands. 

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Guidecraft Rainbow Sand Blocks

Your child can combine these blocks filled with colorful sand to form new colors and sounds, or stack the blocks in a different order each time to form new and exciting shapes.

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Guidecraft Mirror Blocks 

These mirror blocks feature hardwood frames with soft, rounded corners and Mylar mirrored double faced interiors which can be used to reflect light, the room and your child in multiple dimensions.