Finally, A Fun Way To Teach Your Kids Important Life Lessons.

By Gena Mann

Many children have obsessions that drive what they want to wear, watch, read, play, and do. All day, every day. This is sometimes amusing, other times tedious. But the good news is that you can seize upon a child’s passion for teaching them to read, trying a new type of food, playing an imagination game, or engaging in many other activities that might otherwise be a struggle.

Children who obsess over dinosaurs, music, Disney movies, or trains, for example, can be soothed or entertained for hours if you share the right book, toy, movie, or outing with them. For little superhero fans, you must check out Downtown Bookworks’ line of DC Super Heroes books. Your child's favorite characters can make bedtime, mealtime, and even social outings go more smoothly.

Even Super Heroes Sleep is like Goodnight Moon for super heroes. Once your little super hero fanatic realizes that even The Flash needs to slow down sometimes, so will he.

My First Book of Super-Villains cleverly contrasts villains’ bad behavior with super heroes’ exemplary behavior. The Penguin scares people. Batgirl protects people. Who do you want to be like?

Super Heroes Have Friends Too shows little ones how to be a good friend. Batman and Robin share their cool gadgets. You too should share! The villains and super hero sidekicks featured in both books open the door to conversations about social skills, and behaviors within your child’s own circle of friends and playmates. 

For the general introduction to the world of super heroes and their awesome superpowers, check out My First Book of Girl Power, My First Book of Superpowers, or The Big Book of Girl Power and The Big Book of Superpowers (for the under-3 and over-3 sets respectively). Talking about superpowers is a terrific way to spark imaginative play and creative thinking. What would you do if you could fly? read minds? see through walls? talk to animals? My daughters could talk about princesses all day long. Discussing strength, honesty, smarts and other characteristics of super heroines is a really nice break! And for children with anxiety issues, superpowers present an opportunity to talk about their fears and can give you a playful way to help them to cope. My younger son has tremendous separation anxiety but wearing a special cape that he helped design makes him feel really brave when he’s nervous about me going somewhere. 

The DC Super Hero Cookbook, Deluxe Edition, offers dozens of super simple recipes guaranteed to get picky eaters to branch out. The kit comes with three logo-shaped cookie cutters. Cheese, deli meat, sandwiches—pretty much everything tastes better when it is shaped like a lightning bolt! And the book’s clever serving suggestions — relying on stencils and character cut-outs (both in the book), food coloring, and action figures will make mealtime a breeze. Cooking with kids is also a great opportunity to practice skills such as following sequential directions: first, we preheat the oven, next we mix the batter, then we roll out the dough...

After all of that reading, get your child to create a super hero in his or her image. Encourage your child to choose a superpower, and then design a symbol for that power, and pick an awesome super hero name. Have fun!