Try This: Swimwear For Active + Sensory Defensive Boys.

Image by  MOLO

Image by MOLO

By Gena Mann

Summer is Jasper's season. Since he learned to swim at three years old, he has spent up to six hours a day starting from the moment the pool opens in May (and it is still barely over 65 degrees!) submerged in water splashing and laughing. There is something about swimming and weightlessness that is especially soothing to him, and he, like many children with sensory processing disorders and/or autism spectrum disorders, find a sense of calm in the water. Jasper never discriminated between pools, bays, oceans, or the muckiest bottomed pond. However, when he was young he hated the feeling of long, wet swim shorts on his skin and would promptly strip them right off the moment he exited his swimming venue. Nudie is cute for a 3 year old, not so cute as he started to get older! For this reason, I spent a good deal of time researching swimsuits that were cool and short. Not only did they keep him floating happily, now I had time to whisk him to a changing room (or at least behind a towel at the beach) when he was finished with minimal drama. And if sunscreen application is tough for your sensory defensive kids, a rash guard will help you from having to hold down a wriggly child to make sure they are SPF protected. Here are some of our favorite go-to swim shorts and rash guards for mobility, ease, and style for summer fun!

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