Kids Room Decor That is Great for Physical Development.

Image Via   Petit & Small

Image Via Petit & Small

Just Discovered on Petit & Small's Blog. Rooms that are great for Physical Development + Style. A Room with A Rope Ladder: For Strength and Muscular Resistance, A Room with an Indoor Climbing Wall: to Develop Coordination, A Room With A Swing: To improve Muscular Development in the neck and back, A Room with Rings: To Develop Coordination and Muscular Strength. 

Encouraging activities that develop gross motor skills benefits your child. Children need strong gross motor skills so they can engage in age-appropriate physical activities as well as participate in classroom activities that require body control.

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1. Neon Yellow Swing 2. Grey + Wood Ladder 3. Green + Wood  Climbing Wall Ladder  4. Wooden Indoor/Outdoor Swing 5Indoor Traverse Wall Panels 8. Children's Wooden Trapeze Swing 9. Flexible Wooden Swing 10. Rock Pegs for Climbing Wall 11. Little Titans - 10 Kids Climbing Holds

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