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When our son, Jasper, was diagnosed with autism 11 years ago, there was no "autism awareness." We felt alone and terrified—nobody was talking about autism and we were full of questions and both answers and community were scarce. World Autism Awareness Day (created in 2008) lends meaning and support to everyone in the autism community: families, individuals, caregivers, therapists, teachers and more. We are thankful for the growing kindness and compassion the world has begun to show over the past decade, particularly as the numbers of children diagnosed with autism has increased almost tenfold. With that, as a mom and member of this diverse community, I love that now there's an easy + fun way for everyone to support autism awareness, by purchasing meaningful, thoughtful toys at The Autism Site StoreEvery item you buy provides much needed funds toward research and therapies for children on the Autism spectrum. Thank you for the continued support on April 2 and every day. xo, Gena

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