Diana Takach Created A Cool, New Adaptive Clothing Line With Her Son's Sensory Processing Delays In Mind.

Diana Takach is momboss proof that necessity is the mother of invention.  When this fashion industry vet realized her son Dean struggles with sensory processing delays, making even the simplest of tasks a little more challenging for him, she went out and designed a line of adorable, minimal basics to help him feel comfortable and confident in dressing himself! Me Do.'s sweats and tees, made in New York City, come in the softest fabric, have the lightest seams, and inside each design there is a cute bunny that highlights front vs. back, which is aimed to support a child’s ability to dress themselves.

Diana created Me Do for children like her son to be empowered…while fulfilling her life-long dream to create a line of products with purpose.

This is Diana…

Where do you live? New Canaan, CT

5 words that describe you...Dreamer, Doer, Believer, Entrepreneur, Mother

Your children’s names and ages:

Olivia Brooklyn (7)

Dean Hudson (4)

Norah Jade (1)

How do your children inspire you?

Diana Takach family

In everything I do my children are my inspiration.  They are the every thought of my day.  I know that if they are happy, I can do anything possible. They’ve inspired me to exhibit strength, confidence and growth.  In creating my own business, and the desire to advance in my career and to EXPLORE, they are fuel behind that fire.

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about Dean’s special needs?

I only wish for people to know him for who he is.  He’s amazing. He’s charismatic. He’s sensitive. He’s funny. He’s Dean.

If you could read one book to children in a preschool or elementary school class, what would it be + why?

My kids adore “The day the crayon’s quit” and so do I.  Not only is it SO much fun, it teaches about individuality, empathy and creativity.  I would love to meet the author one day to thank them for it. 

A close second, because it’s my son’s favorite is….Dragons love Tacos!

What’s in your bag of tricks when you are out with your kids?

I always carry with me, One container of playdoh, crayons, paper and pirate booty.  Should they need anything else, we always find a game of “I spy” can last a looong time. Or counting fire hydrants has been a new one on longer drives.

What is an activity your whole family loves to do together?

We LOVE the Bronx Zoo.  We also enjoy visiting family in Boston or in New York City – two great places to explore and have FUN!

How do you survive a tough day of parenting?


Get outside.  When the times get tough and I’m at a loss, changing our environment to our driveway has (usually) never failed.  The one time it did it was my fault and not my kid’s as accidents happen – and this scrape was a bad one. But, I digress.  Often chalk and concrete allow for creation and games. Sitting on the grass provides serenity.  In the winter we are more challenged here, but we dress for it. In the summer we have the benefits of being 10 minutes from the ocean – which is by far, everyone in our crew’s favorite place to be.

Do you make the time for self-care? If so, what is your self-care ritual?  

I sure do. It’s pertinent.  I am what most could say is “obsessed” with SoulCycle. The brand, the workout, the community. Without it I wouldn’t have a sound mind.  1-2 times per week and I can take on the world. (I’ve also been known to plan vacations around classes…)

What is the last thing your purchased for yourself that made you really happy?

Also, the last item I purchased for myself were the Apple AirBuds - I"m sick of having that cord attached - especially given I'm constantly going somewhere and need the flexibility to talk and travel.  It's been a game changer.

What advice would you give to a new special needs parent?

Special needs are special powers! They create a window of new findings, awareness, patience you never knew you had and versatility.  You’re in this with many, and the good days are AMAZING and the bad days are HARD, but every day is a gift.

3 Moms or Dads you follow on social media that inspire you and why?
I adore Joanna Gaines (@joannagaines) – What a brand powerhouse and creative visionary and wife/mom.  She is someone you feel you’ve known all your life, and despite the size of her brand and impact, she exudes humbleness.

Melanie Griffiths from SoulCycle (@melaniegriffithnyc) – NYC Mom of 3, Cancer Survivor, who followed her gut while in a legal career to be the first student to become a Master Instructor for the brand. I admire her, look up to her and have a ton to learn from her. Not to mention, her classes are everything.

My community – friends, family and loved ones in my feed who we’re all in this together with.  I’m part of a facebook group “Super Moms of Special Kids” and let me tell you, what we’ve gained from each other has been inspiration enough. The awareness of what every individual endures is eye opening and a platform for so much community, resource exchange and love. Something I believe wholeheartedly in.

What quote do you live by?

My parents always instilled in me, “No Pain, No Gain.” I don’t take this lightly. It’s in the harder moments we come out more alive, and I like to think ANYTHING is possible, in parenting, in life, in this journey.

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