How My Son Wolf Inspired Me To Create An Inclusive Shopping + Lifestyle Experience.

Wolf, age 5. Iimage:  Kristin Chalmers Photography

Wolf, age 5. Iimage: Kristin Chalmers Photography

When a child is having a challenging time, my hope is for others to be more compassionate. Most children won’t fully comprehend what developmental or behavioral differences are in others until they’re older. But they can learn to be thoughtful and kind — and that understanding has to come by example from us, the caregivers around them.

By Carissa Tozzi in partnership with Healthline.

After my son Wolf was born, I set out to discover all the cool children’s brands on Instagram and Pinterest, as well as trusted parenting sites with recommendations for modern toys, decor, and clothes that my son would love. So, I created a board for Wolf on Pinterest and began to pin all my finds. 

But when Wolf turned 3, my purpose for pinning completely changed. His preschool teachers suggested that Wolf had sensory sensitivities, and recommended that he use therapy toys to help him focus whenever he became overstimulated. 

They handed me catalogs with information, which I carefully read through. Then I went to the sites they suggested to visit to learn more. I found that Wolf, according to the internet, had autism. 

Except for one thing: Like many children with sensory sensitivities, developmental delays, or learning differences, Wolf didn’t have autism.