Easy + Instagram-ready Creative DIY Projects for Kids!

Here is a selection of WOLF + FRIENDS' favorite skill-building art projects we've discovered for Sensory, Speech + Language, Fine Motor and Imaginative Play. 

Craft Pumpkin Decorating: We are so going to try Delia Creates awesome pumpkin idea! Using a craft pumpkin (instead of the real deal) allows your kids to go crazy with the chalk paint, erase, and then start all over again! 

Leaf Friends: Happy Fall! While playing outside this weekend, have your kids pick out their favorite leaves for this fun project from handmade charlotte. 🍂🍁🍃 They can use their creativity to turn their leaves into any animal or creature they can imagine! 🐦🐲🐟 

Apple Stamping: Using apples for fun, fall art projects may even convince your picky eaters to try them! 🍏🍎 We love this apple stamping project from littlepeanutmagazine because is so easy to do—and looks really cute.

Rainbow Rock Project: Follow Alia on her journey to spread kindness one rainbow rock at a time! Tag #rainbowrockproject to show yours! www.rainbowrockproject.com

DIY Art Dishes: Have a few dollars, a few minutes, and a tiny artist in residence? How about creating a useful, lasting piece of art? Small + Friendly.

Cardboard Box Projects: Children's imaginations are amazing. Only they can take a simple box and make it into a spaceship, transformer, or a house. We love cardboard box projects because they are simple, easy, and inexpensive yet they have our kids occupied for hours on end, allowing them to use their mind in new, exciting ways. This weekend turn off the TV and let your kids create their own programs! estefimachadoblog

Beaded Toy: This easy and colorful wooden bead toy requires no tools and is simple to make. Kids will love threading the rainbow beads through pipe cleaners while practicing those fine motor skills! hello, Wonderful.

Naturally Dyed Play Dough: By using only plant based ingredients for this play dough the colors will turn out quite vivid and natural, which is perfect for making play food! Make + Haus.

DIY Sidewalk Chalk: Playing with sidewalk chalk is a great way to encourage imagination and physical activity. It's even better when you make it yourself. Project Nursery.

Layered Canvas: We love a Family project you can work on over many days, adding a new material every time. The Art Pantry.

Paint Chip Matching Game: Make this simple color matching game using just paint chips and clothespins. (well and a glue gun too). Craftiness Is Not Optional.

Pumpkin Painting instead of carving your pumpkin makes for easier clean up and gives your kids an opportunity to create whatever they imagine🎨! 

Check out our Pinterest board to find even more amazing ideas we’ve spotted and pinned. Fun!

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