Get The Look: Amanda Booth's Modern, Sensory-Friendly Playroom For Her Son, Micah

how to create a sensory playroom

Amanda Booth reached out to us to help her shop (on Amazon!) for the playroom she was designing for 4-year-old Micah in their new home. It was important to her and her husband, Mike Quinones, to incorporate a modern design aesthetic that would fit into the Mid-Century style of her home and be super functional to support Micah's sensory seeking / sensory craving needs.

Children who are sensory seeking love jumping, crashing, climbing, and moving. They also frequently lick, bite, and mouth non-food objects. Therefore, it is important to have a safe place at home with toys, decor, and furniture that will meet their sensory needs. These items help with their self-regulation, mood, motor skills, and social development.

We sent Amanda a mood board via Pinterest with our vision and a shopping list via email with our favorite items from Amazon. Then she and her husband Mike got to work to design a space that was perfect for Micah—and them. 

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Kids Size Table And Chairs: Furniture that is sized appropriately to a child, fosters independence and makes children feel more physically secure. When your child can easily sit and get up from their chair, it empowers them to make decisions and do things for themselves.

Pretend Play Kitchen: The best toys for early speech and language development are those that create opportunities for language that is rich and meaningful in context. Look for toys, like a pretend play kitchen, that inspire children to request, show, share, role play, problem solve, ask for help and make plans. 

Wall Bars: Climbing is a confidence-building and strength training activity for kids. Indoor equipment makes it easy for kids to exercise in any weather and at any time of day. 

Play Mats: No matter if your child is jumping into pillows strewn on the floor, a squishy beanbag or floor cushions, the proprioceptive sensory input your child receives from safe crashing is the same! A play mat is a must-have to keep your little one safe while they play. 

Sensory Swing: The swinging motion strengthens the vestibular and proprioceptive systems by teaching your child’s brain and body to work together. This sensory integration greatly improves your child’s coordination, balance, body awareness, and concentration. Swaddling gives children a sense of protection and blocks out unnecessary sensory input.

Rody/Plasma Car/Sit and Spin: These ride-on toys offer kids an opportunity to strengthen core muscles, develop gross motor coordination, and challenge balance skills, all while offering combined vestibular and proprioceptive sensory input! 

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