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The App For Moms Raising Children With Special Needs.

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The Wolf + Friends app, which is currently available in the App store in the United States, is designed for women to connect with like-minded women in their neighborhoods who are also raising children with special needs. In a judgement-free space, members create a peer to peer support system via direct messages and group chats, making connections with new friends and mentors. Our community has access to a curated content feed where they can read relevant news, shop stylish and developmentally appropriate products, and get lifestyle tips from occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, child psychologists, behaviorists, financial advisors and other experts.


In The Press.

Building your tribe just got so much easier for parents of children with special needs. The Wolf + Friends app connects parents facing both the beauty and the challenges of raising a child with special needs; whether it’s sensory processing issues, learning differences, giftedness or autism — this app brings together parents who “get it.”
— Motherly
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— The Helm
The Wolf + Friends App For Moms Of Kids With Special Needs Is A Game-Changer.
— Romper
Becoming a new parent isn’t easy and combined with special needs, it’s a whole new ballgame. That’s why we love Wolf + Friends, a brand-new app that’s creating a community for parents of kids with special needs
— Red Tricyle

Surround Yourself With Friends Who "Get You."

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When you feel alone, because you just see your friends with typical kids, you’re not. There’s an entire community of people out there to connect with.
— Amanda Booth, Model + Actress

Find A Mentor. Be A Mentor.

Our experiences can make us feel isolated. Find a friend in your community that has been in your shoes.
— Shannon Biancamano, Life With A Side of Spectrum

Meet Families You Can Relate To.

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Find someone in a similar situation that you can relate to, that you can bounce things off of, vent to, and just have an understanding with. I can’t tell you how comforting it is just knowing you’re not alone.
— Pamela Hunter, Founder, The Sheltered Co.

Get Advice From Experts You Can Trust.

It is so common for parents to feel alone and isolated after they receive a diagnosis for their child. What is helpful is finding a friend or mentor in their neighborhood who has a child with similar special needs. I would love to connect parents with other parents who come to my practice, but that’s not possible with HIPPA regulations. This app is a gift for families.
— Shari Goldstein, MS CCC-SLP
There is immeasurable value in connecting with other parents who have experienced similar worlds of diagnoses, therapies, milestones, and even struggles. We all speak about the value of inclusion for children of differing abilities; Wolf + Friends App offers parents a valuable, inclusive way to support every family’s journey. 
— Alescia Ford-Lanza MS OTR/L, ATP

Make Meaningful Connections With Moms In Your Neighborhood.

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Your walk might get lonely and you may at times be bitter about other moms who don’t have children with special needs. Seek out other women like you. Trust me you will need them more than you know.
— Lauren Noel, Artist

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